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      Academic motivation, motivational techniques, self-determination theory [1]
      Advertisements, Brochure, Multimodal Approach, Social Semiotics, Grammar of Visual Design Grammar, Mobilis, Ooredoo, Companies, Networks. [1]
      Advertising, advertisements, image, metafunctin, represented participants. [1]
      Advertising, Dzeriet magazine, Dziri magazine, visual social semiotics, stereotypes, and gender [1]
      African, African American, Patriarchy, Resistance, Gender. [1]
      Analytical thinking, Assessment, At the Crossroads, Higher Order Thinking Skills, Lower Order Thinking Skills. [1]
      Assessment, reading comprehension, reading comprehension techniques, reading comprehension difficulties [1]
      Attitude, The Student-Centered Approach (SCA), Theory of Planned Behaviour(TPB), Social-Constructivist Perspective. [1]
      Attitudes, gender, male and female teachers, boys and girls, teaching practices, students’- teachers’ interactions and behaviours [1]
      Audio visual aids, drama, motivation, teaching/learning process [1]
      Blogs, Writing skill, students’ attitudes, Vygotsky’s theory, Collaborative learning theory. [1]
      Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, Creative Thinking Skill, English as a Foreign Language, Higher Order Thinking Skills, Lower Order Thinking Skills, New Prospects. [1]
      British Tabloids, The Daily Mail, Representation, Stereotypes, Ideal Body Image, Violence against Women [1]
      Business, Names of brands, Names of companies, English, Linguistic Landscape, Algeria [1]
      Byram’s model of (ICC), Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, Critical Cultural Awareness. [1]
      Captivity, Slavery, Otherness, Subversion, Culture, Religion, Identity. [1]
      CMT, English culture, idioms, communication, EFL. [1]
      Code-Switching, Vocabulary Learning, Functions of Teachers’ Code-Switching in the Classroom, First Year English Language Teachers and Pupils. [1]
      cohesive devices, linguistic ties, discourse [1]
      Communicative competence, interactive competence, communication, interaction, activities, textbook, New Prospects [1]