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      Advertising, advertisements, image, metafunctin, represented participants. [1]
      Advertising, Dzeriet magazine, Dziri magazine, visual social semiotics, stereotypes, and gender [1]
      Assessment, reading comprehension, reading comprehension techniques, reading comprehension difficulties [1]
      Attitudes, gender, male and female teachers, boys and girls, teaching practices, students’- teachers’ interactions and behaviours [1]
      Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, Creative Thinking Skill, English as a Foreign Language, Higher Order Thinking Skills, Lower Order Thinking Skills, New Prospects. [1]
      British Tabloids, The Daily Mail, Representation, Stereotypes, Ideal Body Image, Violence against Women [1]
      Byram’s model of (ICC), Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, Critical Cultural Awareness. [1]
      Conceptual Metaphor, Formulaic Competence, Idiom, Idiom Comprehension, Idiom Production. [1]
      Critical thinking, Critical thinking skills, Master students, Quellmalz’s framework. [1]
      Culture, EFL MiddleSchool Textbooks, Knowledge, Socio-cultural Competence, and Attitude. [1]
      Doris Lessing, Joseph Conrad, anxiety of authorship, women, men, madness, racism [1]
      e-Learning, e-Forum, Interactivity [1]
      English as a foreign language; Speaking; communication strategies; language proficiency. [1]
      Error analysis, error comparison, interlanguage, fossilization. [1]
      Facebook, coherence, coherence, learning, writing, pre-test, post-test, experimental group, control group [1]
      Genre, genre analysis, moves, move analysis, abstracts, introductions, conclusions, Master Dissertations. [1]
      Instructional Objectives, Instruction, the Teaching-Learning process, At the Crossroads, Time Flexible Principle, Achievability Principle, learners, teachers, Mastery Learning. [1]
      Language learning strategies, Socio-cultural influence, Strategy frequency, Case study. [1]
      Language, Communication, Computer mediated communication, Social networking sites, Facebook, Multimodality, Emoticons. Social Media Platform. [1]
      Motivation, L2 Motivation, Motivational Strategies, Qualitative Content Analysis, Demotivation [1]