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      maison traditionnelle, savoir faire vernaculaire, patrimoine architecturale, habitat rural, Kabylie [1]
      Migration, illegal migration, illegal immigration [1]
      Multiobjective programming · Stochastic programming · DCA · DC programming · Utility function · Expected value criterion. [1]
      Multiphase flow; Porous medium; Viscous fingering; Fracture. [1]
      numerical knowledge mathematical, cerebral motor infirmity [1]
      Olive mill wastewater, Polyphenolic compounds, Antimicrobial, Bioconversion, Oleaginous yeasts, probiotic. [1]
      open innovation, innovation 2.0, cluster, networks, sharing platforms, community, knowledge management, co-creation. [1]
      politique agricole, régions sahariennes, agriculture saharienne, irrigation agricole, énergies renouvelables. [1]
      polyethylene, dissipation factor, thermal constraint [1]
      polyethylene, dissipation factor, ultraviolet radiation [1]
      Porous silicon, MOCVD, TiO2, optical properties, structural properties, microstructure, photoluminescence [1]
      Reliability, wind speed, hydraulic load, failure, concrete elevated tanks; [1]
      RSE, GRH, formation Professionnelle, ENIEM. [1]
      seismic performance, performance level, pushover analysis, plastic rotation, plastic hinge. [1]
      sewage sludge, treated wastewater, nutrients, heavy metals, soil quality [1]
      Special Needs - Special Education - Teaching - Strategy - Teaching Strategies - Special Needs Teacher. [1]
      Stochastic finite elements, lognormal, Gaussian, random variable, default, reliability index, probability of failure [1]
      Strengthening, jacketing, reinforced concrete column, 3D simulation, Abaqus. [1]
      Tableau de bord social, Performance RH, COJEK-CEVITAL, Algérie [1]
      Teleoperation, ANFIS, Neuro-fuzzy, FPGA, HDL Coder [1]